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I am running for office because I want to help people. I want to help them to see how much the government gets away with regardless of their awareness. I want to bridge the gap between voter and “politician” that seems unattainable. I want to help people get more involved with the political process because it controls so many aspects of our life. There are too many that pay lip-service serving the people that they supposedly represent. We see time and time again that many serve their own or their parties agendas. My agenda includes individual liberty and reducing the size and scope of government which is to the benefit of all people.

About Me

My name is Zachary Houk. I am 26 years old, Vice-Chair of the Libertarian Party of Knox County, I am running for State Representative. I am originally from Morristown, TN and have lived in East Tennessee all of my life. I attended and graduated from King University in 2015 with
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Your Voice


Spending in Tennessee is out of hand. Over the last 15 years, spending has more than doubled. I believe that, instead of raising taxes to make up the difference, we should be looking for ways to cut spending. I want to work to decrease spending in the state by cutting out as much waste as possible and work to end
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Ending State Funded Primaries

In Tennessee, the taxpayers foot the cost of primaries for private political organizations, i.e. Republicans and Democrats.   The Libertarian Party of Tennessee introduced a bill to lower the threshold for signatures to receive minor party recognition that would eventually lead to major party recognition. The state, in effort to suppress other parties and the bill, attached a fiscal note to
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Fair And Equal Ballot Access

Democrats or Republicans have had the pleasure of being the only two represented parties on ballots, while conveniently blocking third-party recognition. Third parties get zero distinction from one another on the ballot. We appear as Independents. Fair and Equal Ballot Access allows for a more informed voter at the ballot box. Two parties cannot represent the diverse makeup of political
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